We produce various types of metal products.
We provide services based on drawings or samples.
We design and develop new products for various industrial needs.

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Engineering services

We perform 3D modeling, 2D technical documentation creation, calculations, reversible engineering and CAD / CAM programming

CAD tools enable faster product development, the ability to avoid errors in production documentation, ie in the production itself, as well as the ability to check the functionality of the product already in the development phase, without the cost of prototyping. In this way, it is possible to shorten the time required to bring a product to market.

We provide 3D modeling services in SolidWorks and CATIA software, whether for full product development or support for your development team.

Nowadays, more and more production companies are switching to modern processing machines, controlled by CNC systems. Such machines enable higher quality and faster production of parts, better operating modes and achieving greater precision. This requires the creation of certain drivers, postprocessors, for the production of individual parts. For this purpose, there are various CAD / CAM tools that allow you to create programs on a computer and simulate the creation of pieces. Our team of engineers puts their many years of experience at your disposal.