Plates and rollers for thread rolling

Our specialization lies in providing high precision plates and rollers for thread rolling. These key parts of your production line are manufactured with extreme attention to detail to enable flawless production and material processing.
Before a more detailed description of our capacities in this part of production, it is important to know that the threaded connections themselves really form a complex field in machine constructions in general. No other concept (except gears) has so many derivatives, different applications as threaded joints, without integrating basic mathematical and physical knowledge. Thus, the production of threads itself requires the knowledge and training of workers to work on machines. So, in this part of the production, we are engaged in the production of plates and rollers for thread rolling.

The very beginnings of our company were based on the production of rollers for making threads. Today, after many years and overcoming initial problems and challenges, we have become proud of our products.

After some time, we expanded our production to include thread rolling plates.